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                          What is Solid Surface ? ? ?

What is Solid Surface?                  
Solid Surface products are manufactured with high performance resin systems such as acrylic and unsaturated polyester.

They have very high filler content and do not have gel coats. 
A design benefit of solid surface materials is their ability to be machined to like wood, though special equipment and fabrication procedures are required.  They can be precisely cut and bonded to fit nearly any surface shape. Since the color goes clear through the product, scratches, chips and stains can be easily sanded out.

How is the sound?
The sound that resonates from these guitars is so beautiful. 
Wooden guitar bodies hold some of the sound, due to pores in the wood. Solid Surface has no pores, therefore you get all the sound back.
Watch one of our videos, judge for yourself...

Sound Production:
In all types of guitars the sound is produced by the vibration of the strings. However, because the strings can only displace a small amount of air, the volume of the sound needs to be increased in order to be heard. In an acoustic guitar, this is accomplished by using a soundboard and a resonant cavity the sound box . The body of the guitar is hollow. The vibrating strings drive the soundboard through the bridge, making it vibrate. The soundboard has a larger surface area and thus displaces a larger volume of air, producing a much louder sound than the strings alone.

As the soundboard vibrates, sound waves are produced from both the front and back faces. The sound box provides both a support for the sound board and a resonant cavity and reflector for the sound waves produced on the back face of the soundboard. The air in this cavity resonates with the vibrational modes of the string , increasing the volume of the sound again. The back of the guitar will also vibrate to a lesser extent, driven by the air in the cavity. Some sound is ultimately projected through the sound hole (some variants of the acoustic guitar omit this hole, or have f holes, like a violin family instrument). This sound mixes with the sound produced by the front face of the soundboard. The resultant sound is a complex mixture of  harmonics that give the guitar its distinctive sound.

No amplification  actually occurs in this process, in the sense that no energy is externally added to increase the loudness of the sound (as would be the case with an electronic amplifier). All the energy is provided by the plucking of the string. The function of the entire acoustic system is to maximize intensity of sound, but since total energy remains constant, this comes at the expense of decay time. An un-amplified guitar (one with no soundboard at all) would have a low volume, but the strings would vibrate much longer, like a tuning fork. This is because a damped harmonic oscillator decays exponentially, with a mean life inversely proportional to the damping. When the strings are driving the larger soundboard and sound box, the damping is much higher.

What are the benefits?
Endless designs... With wood you seem to be limited to the standard finish. Maybe the occasional sunburst or two tone color scheme. Solid Surface has hundreds of color schemes. Your not limited to just a single color top and bottom any more. With Solid Surface, there is no limit... Inlays are another benefit. As you can see in the pictures, the inlays are part of the guitar. These are NOT painted on. These are actual Solid Surface inlayed into the body. The inlays will NEVER fade over time.  Sound and designs are what make these guitars special. 

We are able to take your design and implement it into a guitar. (Example) Have a signature of an artist / actor / actress you want to keepsake for ever? I can take and inlay the signature into the body of the guitar, it will never fade or vanish.

Want you COMPANY LOGO inlayed into a unique gift, we can do it. 

Want your bands logo inlayed, we can do it. 

Want your kids hand or foot print inlayed, we can do it.  

What do they Cost? Email Me For A Quote...                           

Custom Guitars: When you purchase one of our custom guitars you get a true "ONE OF A KIND".  We GUARANTEE that our company will never make your design again.

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