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 Update:           Kris Allen Flying V Guitar Is Ready !!!

I have finished building the Flying V, and look forward to handing it off to Kris Allen, along with DC and Pool at Alice 107.7 here in Little Rock... Let me know what you think...

More photos on the guitar page...


Delivered Luke Williams guitar today. Luke is a local guitar player, song writer and all around good guy from Bebee, Ark. His band is www.lukewilliams.net go check him out. Has Amalfitano Single Coil pick ups, maple neck, rosewood fret board.


Delivered Jason's Guitar today, this is a real different color. Has alot of gold flakes in it.

Turned out hella nice. Enjoy my friend.


 Well delivery was made to Zac Brown, went off with out a hitch.  John Hopkins set everything up for me, All the way down to wonderful tickets to a hell of a show.

THANKS John...

Zac truly seemed to love his new guitar. It is tumbelweed in color, and has the saying: Southern Ground inlayed on the side of the guitar about mid horn. (hand done) He was gracious in everyway possible. Zac is a great guy, and a HELL of a musician.


(Pictures are posted in the picture section, under guitars.)


I have been trying to figure out if NAMM Convention next year is where I need to show case my guitars, basses. I have not spoken to anyone, but if someone has been and can tell me whats it all about. I would greatly appreciate it.



December 11th and 12th is the annual Fish and Owen charity in Vero Beach Florida. Great charity from two great guys. We are scheduled to be there. There are alot of events scheduled for the two days, along with an auction, which one of our Juniper Electrics is being auctioned off. Its going to a great charity for a great cause. Thanks Guys...


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